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Assisting With Bookkeeping, Business Startups, and Taxes in Charlotte NC

A lot goes into overseeing the financial status of a business. From determining how to establish and implement payroll to deciphering how to file taxes according to business type. For industry experts like us at McGrant, these are tasks we have mastered. As a result, we are able to confidently assess the needs of other small businesses and make recommendations accordingly. We take the guesswork out of financial planning and assist our clients in creating a lucrative and sustainable game plan for long-term success. The difference between McGrant and other firms. Lies in our approach to change. As your business evolves and changes, we continually assess its progress and routinely assess strengths and weaknesses in our approach.

Our Holistic Approach- From Charlotte Tax Preparation to Small Business Consulting

As a full-service tax and bookkeeping firm, McGrant can take on clients with a wide spectrum of needs. Rather than seek out different services from multiple firms, we’ll assist you by looking at your business through a holistic lens. Moreover, we work hard to educate our clients, ensuring they understand our recommendations and advice thoroughly. After all, we strongly believe everyone should have the final say when it comes to their hard-earned money and possess the basic understanding to make informed decisions about how it all works.

Below is a basic outline of our services, however, it is important to remember a few key points when reading about them. First and foremost, we are a business that customizes our approach based on the client. We offer solutions for tax and bookkeeping based on how your business runs and its inner workings. Rather than try and get your business to fit our mold, we do the exact opposite and create a protocol and procedure that is customized to adhere to the specific strengths and areas of improvement based on your operation.

It is important to note that our services are also available for individuals and businesses alike. We assist in both capacities and have a long successful track record and reputation for excellence to prove it. Whether you enlist our services at the business or individual level, we treat each client as a priority, ensuring that the work we provide for you is without flaw and legally compliant.

Our Services at a Glance

Here you will find an outline of services provided by our North Carolina bookkeeping and tax firm. You can read more in-depth about each service on its respective page which can be found on this website. If you have any questions about how these services work and what they entail, we always encourage prospective clients to reach out and get to know us in the process. The more we know about you, the better equipped we are to make recommendations.

Accounting Services

All businesses, regardless of size, can benefit significantly from retaining our accounting help. With McGrant accounting services, we take an active role in tracking all the important financial input and output of your business. By doing so, we can quickly pinpoint errors, produce documentation, and help with all kinds of budgeting inquiries. As their small business accountant Charlotte NC customers can trust us to provide accurate bookkeeping in a highly organized manner. Relieve yourself from the pressures of meticulous number crunching, with our accounting assistance.


As a small business, bookkeeping is one of the most important tasks you are responsible for. Making it all the more important to explore your options. Thanks to our years in the industry, our team understands the importance of good old-fashioned organization and painting that skill with current software and programming. We can assist you by explaining your options for bookkeeping based on your business’s size, scope, financial expenses, and revenue. We’ll help you determine the smartest and most efficient pathway forward for your business.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Every year we assist tax filers of all types, and in all kinds of capacities. Our Charlotte tax preparation is a foolproof and simple way to help ease your concerns about providing documentation that is accurate and on time. Not only do we guarantee the accuracy of these documents, but we also work to find ways for our clients to receive maximum returns and opportunities for write-offs. As a small business, you’d be surprised to find out what can qualify.

Business Tax Preparation

Many of our business clients come to us during tax season looking for reviews and confirmation that their documentation is airtight. We are happy to serve in this capacity, or a more comprehensive manner by helping throughout the year with extensive accounting and bookkeeping services. Whether you see us routinely or annually, we’ll ensure that you’re prepped and your taxes in Charlotte NC are ready to be submitted by offering a thorough review before you send them off for good.

Personal Tax Preparation

For over two decades, we’ve been providing those in Charlotte (and beyond!) with help on their personal taxes at both the state and federal levels. We’ve successfully weathered multiple changes in the industry from learning about digital filing systems to staying up to date on the ever-evolving tax laws and technology. Much like our business tax preparation, we can assist you in any capacity whether that looks like taking full control of your tax filing work or providing a comprehensive review. Either way, we guarantee our services will be infallible and without error, giving you more time to focus on the things you enjoy.

Providing Solutions Tax and Bookkeeping Beyond North Carolina

Are you a previous customer who has since moved out of state? Or perhaps you’ve heard our praises from other clients we’ve helped in the past. Fortunately, McGrant can assist you with filings across state lines if you find yourself outside of Charlotte city limits. Our competent team of hardworking experts has successfully filed for clients outside of our immediate jurisdiction. To learn more about this particular service, get in touch with one of our team members today. We can explain how the process works when and if you’re unable to be around in person.