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After two decades (and counting) of experience, we at McGrant can confidently provide unbeatable accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses. Our goal is to provide clients with financial stability that further enables them to grow and expand in a fruitful and lucrative way. We’ve successfully helped multiple small businesses achieve long-term success through financial vigilance and a keen sense of industry intuition with our small business accountant Charlotte NC service.

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Monthly Reports Designed to Meticulously Track Progress

Each month we compile comprehensive financial statements that reflect the most pressing needs and immediate goals of our clients. These statements are designed to reflect the strengths and weaknesses of each quarter, in turn, allowing us to craft personalized game plans for moving forward. We have successfully worked alongside multiple small businesses, growing their influence, and strengthening their financial portfolio along the way. When it comes to bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses, you won’t find another firm as dedicated and experienced as McGrant.

As a part of these monthly reports, clients will be privy to detailed financial statements that outline current progress. In general, we provide a series of routine documents, however, depending on the nature of the client’s business and current goals, we can incorporate other supplemental records. Our general compilations include statements of assets, liabilities, income, and equity.

Why Do We Track Records Monthly?

Monthly tracking allows us to stay current on your financial standing and carefully craft progress reports. Over time, monthly tracking also helps alert us to certain trends within your business. The more information we can gather, the better equipped we are to make educated predictions and suggestions based on raw data. Unlike other Charlotte accounting firms, McGrant specialists invest the same amount of time and energy into each client. As a result, we carefully structure our workload to guarantee each client has our undivided attention and focus.

Tracking Your Success and Building a Foundation for the Future

At McGrant, we look at your small business through a holistic lens. In essence, our service is designed to help you succeed both presently and in the future. We aim to bring you financial stability in the present, and as you make plans for potential endeavors and long-term achievement. Our specialists are trained to work with clients in a collaborative nature, helping to educate and empower them along the way. We help you gain a better understanding of your finances, by taking the time to provide financial literacy education. As Charlotte’s best accountant, it is our responsibility to prime each client for continual and optimal success.

Our monthly statements do more than illuminate points of success and pinpoint areas of improvement. By tracking your monthly financial report, we can also assist in the following ways:

  • When applying for loans and other benefits through banks and various financial institutions, it is vitally important to have proper documentation. With our monthly reports, these institutions can easily determine and verify your financial standing and reach approval for loans and other purposes in a quick and expeditious manner.
  • Our monthly reports can assist you in making executive decisions about your business based on past trends. They can also help make educated predictions about future revenue and fees.
  • Thorough accounting makes it easy to track audit trails and substantiate returns. We’re the small business accountant Charlotte NC institutions can rely on for accurate accounting for tax purposes.
  • What you can measure, you can manage. In a numbers game, there’s always an immense benefit that comes with precise tracking.
Charlotte North Carolina Small Business Accountant
North Carolina Small Business Accountant

Merging Modern Day Technology with Proven Industry Acumen

McGrant Tax & Bookkeeping has been helping small businesses and individuals manage their financial portfolios for over two decades. We’ve successfully lived through technological changes and multiple revisions to laws and regulations. Our ability to succeed over time has consistently boiled down to our organization, dedication, and keen sense of perception. By employing a high-caliber team of industry experts, we continue to raise the bar professionally.

Our team can assist you with modern-day platforms, such as online tax filing systems and bookkeeping software like QuickBooks. We offer accounting NC small businesses can customize to fit their needs. Furthermore, our team’s level of intervention is determined by each individual client. We work with you and for you to strengthen your finances as you see fit.

A Firm of Competent Individuals you can Trust

We take the relationship between accountant and client seriously because dealing with money is a serious business and a privilege. As we work alongside you, our ultimate goal is to create a trusting bond, where you feel comfortable expressing concerns and asking questions. We do our best work for clients when we can get to know them and their business at the molecular level.

In order for our business relationship to succeed, there must be an established level of trust present. As Charlotte’s best accountant, we pledge to do our part to cultivate that trust by always addressing matters from a place of integrity, honesty, and transparency. Ultimately, we believe that when you succeed, we succeed, which is why we channel our expertise into awarding your small business the best outcomes possible. Small businesses and the teams behind them are the lifeblood and future of Charlotte and of North Carolina. We are here to champion your successes and get you a proper slice of the pie, in a world where corporations and larger businesses often reign supreme. We’re here to elevate your standing and get you the financial recognition you deserve.

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Getting Started

At McGrant, we recognize that you have lots of options for representation when it comes to Charlotte accounting firms. As a locally owned and operated business ourselves, we understand the plight of the small business and are highly motivated to help our clients achieve success. We encourage all prospective clients to get in touch with us to discuss their options moving forward. We are here to answer all of your questions and concerns, transparently and straightforwardly.

Contact us today for more information regarding our accounting services. We can break down our multiple services and begin to craft a plan of action that incorporates the unique goals and needs of your business. We look forward to potentially representing you, and helping you achieve strong financial standing now, and in the future.