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Like many of the small businesses that we represent, McGrant’s Tax and Bookkeeping began as a small spark. It was 1997 when Ms. Evelyn McGrant decided to open McGrant’s Tax and Bookkeeping, a small business with just a handful of employees. Three years prior to the opening of McGrant’s, Evelyn franchised a tax business with a very notable tax company. It took a few years in that position for Ms. McGrant to realize that she wanted to switch roles and approach the industry from a different angle. Being in the franchise helped her come to several realizations about the industry. Her time as a franchiser gave her insight into how she wanted to do things differently, leading her to champion her own business as a local bookkeeper and accountant. Ms. McGrant wanted to be independent of the franchise, in an attempt to lower operational costs, retain more earnings, and champion the local community through financial resources.

It was January of 1997 when McGrant’s was first opened, with very few resources. McGrant was fortunate enough to receive small funding borrowed from friends and family. With just 6 employees and one location, McGrant’s opened with an optimistically cautious attitude. Over two decades later, McGrant’s Tax and Bookkeeping has become a staple in Charlotte North Carolina. Today, the firm boasts two locations and serves all types of clients from business owners to individuals. Through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, McGrant’s has not only succeeded but thrived. Our firm helps many entrepreneurs get their start by offering a myriad of financial services designed to cultivate long-term success.

About McGrant Tax & Bookkeeping
About McGrant

Today our NC bookkeeping and tax operation & planning continue to thrive, having withstood the test of time and technology. One of our firm’s greatest strengths is the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving industry. Rather than shy away from change, our firm has always embraced it. We believe there is always room for proven methods to coexist with cutting-edge technology. Part of our longevity can be attributed to our flexibility in the face of change. We pass this attribute on to our clients, teaching them that they too can weather changes and come out victorious.

A Community Driven Financial Institution

McGrant’s Tax and Bookkeeping success was made possible thanks to friends and family who took a chance on the endeavor. Additionally, we thank our clients who, long before internet reviews, spread the news of our business through word of mouth. We are the Charlotte local bookkeeper of choice, a true testament to the power of positive reviews. As the firm continues to expand and grow, we never lose sight of that hunger that drove us to excel. Since the opening of our second location in 2000, we have continued an upward trajectory. We are proud to represent others just like us, across state lines and in the immediate community. We represent countless wonderful people, both at the personal and business level.

Throughout the years, McGrant’s has served as a starting point and an important resource for many local businesses. As a believer and champion of small businesses, we work hard to support those who are looking to make the community a more vibrant and diverse place through enterprise. With our help as the community’s local bookkeeper and tax accountant, businesses can focus on other important aspects of their operations without having to stress the numbers. Leave it to the experts, leave it to McGrant’s.

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We welcome both business clients, and individual/personal clients as they embark on their financial journey. Through proven strategy, we work to set and accomplish goals that lead to the long-term success and implementation of generational wealth for your business and/or self.